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Payne Junior High Media Center 480-224-2401

General Info
  • The Media Center is open from 8:15-4:15. We close occasionally for testing and other school functions.
  • Our library contains over 17,000 books.
  • Please show your student ID to check out a book.
  • Books are due within 14 school days. 
  • Students will be unable to check out books if they have overdue books or fines.
  • Other than water, please do not eat or drink beverages in the library.
  • Return books on the book return counter.

Computer Use

     •   We have 13 computers in our Media Center. 
     •   Students will have a username and password to gain access to the internet.    
     •   If you need password assistance logging on to a computer, please ask our staff to help you.

     •   Games and personal email are not allowed on school computers.
     •   Print only with permission from the library staff.
     •   Printing from internet sites is not allowed. Please copy & paste what you need into a WORD document first.

To raise money for books, we sell:

  • Water .50¢
  • Pencils .50¢    


  • Destiny is our school library catalog.
  • Log into Destiny from school or home & put books on hold! Your login is your school username & password.
  • The Destiny Quest App is useful phone tool - our server information is: