• 2021 Perry High School Registration:

    Virtual Parent Curriculum Night:

    January 28th @6pm


    Please Note:  Before registering, please check accreditation of current school confirming core credits will be accepted.  Thank you.

    High School Video Presentations online on our Website (See Sidebar)


    High School Registration Pick Up (Done through math classes)

    Juniors - January 27-28

    Sophomores -  January 29 - February 1

    Freshman - February 2-3

    2021 Junior High School Registration:


    Junior High School Video Presentations (see sidebar)


    Junior High School Registration Pick Up

    February 8 – Andersen Jr. High

    February 9 - Payne Jr. High

    February 10 - Bogle Jr. High

    February 11 - Willis Jr. High

    February 12 – Santan Jr. High