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    Students, parents, and guardians of those 18 and under may come to the curbside site of their choice to pick up breakfasts and lunches at no cost. Click the link below for details including pickup days, times, and locations.  CUSD enrollment not required.

    Click here for Curbside Meal Service details and UPDATES. 


    One free breakfast and one free lunch will be available, daily, to all attending students, at all summer enrichment and academy sites.

    There are no requirements, all children 18 and under are automatically qualified. 


  • wellness
    What is a district wellness policy?
    District wellness policies focus on improving health and preventing childhood obesity. The goal is to create a school environment that includes healthy food choices and encourages physical activity as well as other wellness activities.
    Why do districts need a wellness policy?
    District wellness policies are required for all schools participating in USDA's Child Nutrition Programs - school breakfast, school lunch or the after-school snack program. Any district with one of these programs was required to have a wellness policy in place by the beginning of the 2006-07 school year. Click here to view our current wellness policy.
    Who developed the CUSD wellness policy?
    Chandler Unified School District used a team of over 20 people to develop the policy, including CUSD Nutrition staff, Board members, district and school administrators, district employees, school nurses, teachers and parents.
    Wellness Policy Assessment Tool
    Chandler Unified School District uses an assessment tool to guarantee the effectiveness of our wellness policy. Our Wellness committee, who meets annually, uses this tool to evaluate and update our Wellness Policy based on the overall score. You can find this tool here.



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