• Behavior Expectations

    Fourth grade is a great time of change for an elementary school student. They are being asked to be much more independent in school, have an increased awareness of others and the world around them which can be exciting and unnerving all at the same time. It is important that students are still involved in character development education and given strong behavior guidelines and expectations. This is done by incorporating a combination of techniques and strategies including positive reinforcement, lessons in character development and social problem solving, along with consistent consequences and rewards. Appropriate behavior is reinforced at the school and classroom level.

    CTA Goodman uses a strategy created by Dr. Marvin Marshall called Discipline without Stress. In class, we spend 4 days introducing each level of the "ladder". The "ladder" is referred to throughout the day to guide children in making good choices. Since this is a school wide program, all teachers use the same vocabulary including the principal, speech pathologist and Specials teachers. You will often hear your child speaking of their "level". Use the picture below as a quick reference guide.


    Goodman Elementary also uses the Be Kind program to guide students through 10 pledge tenants with monthly lessons on each tenant.  


    Grade Level

    All classes use the Second Step program to teach and reinforce social skills and getting along. The tricks and tools the children learn are easily practiced as the children are presented with real-life situations with their peers.

    In Our Class
    While incorporating Discipline without Stress and the Second Step program, which teach the children strategies in being successful learners and well rounded people, we spend time developing guidelines together. We generally have only ONE rule in our class...


    Depending on the needs of the class and students, a process of rewards and consequences will be developed and implemented.

    Should any serious behavior issues arise, you will be notified immediately.