Tech Tutorials

Topics include:
  • What is Outlook?
  • Create a new e-mail message
  • Forward or reply to an e-mail message
  • Add an attachment to an e-mail message
  • Open or save an e-mail message attachment
  • Add an e-mail signature to messages
  • Create a calendar appointment
  • Schedule a meeting with other people
  • Set a reminder
  • Create a contact
  • Create a task
  • Create a note
  • Print an e-mail message, contact, etc.

The expectation is that personal electronic devices are to be used only for instructional purposes, in appropriate times and places as determined by each school's principal. Teachers who permit the use of personal electronic devices in class are expected to model and teach responsible use of the Internet, to monitor students' use of the devices, and to set up any applicable classroom procedures and rules pertaining to this use.