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Inspiring Positive Life Choices

Parent Workshops

motMYkid empowers parents with up-to-date information on the following elementary, middle and high school topics:

  • Substance Use: Vaping, Marijuana, Alcohol & Prescription  Misuse
  • Teen Mental Health & Suicide Prevention
  • Creating a bullying-free environment
  • Navigating Internet Safety
  • Drug Assessment & Referral Training
  • Understanding Trauma & Adverse Chidlhood Experiences

Peer Support Services

Certified Peer Support Specialists use personal experience to build connections with youth and to provide individual and personalized support for mental health and substance use disorder challenges. Services include daily check-ins, parent coaching, navigation of support services and recovery support.

Behavioral Health Counseling

Behavioral health services for general mental health and substance use disorder needs.  Family navigation assistance will also be provided. Services are offered in-office, community-based and school-based.

  • Children's behavioral services
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Child and family counseling
  • Telehealth and technology assisted care

Services are available online and in person. For additional information or to request services, visit