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Traffic Flow for Drop off and Pick up

Construction on Ocotillo Road has limited the road to one lane in each direction. Back up of Rice cars is causing all traffic flow to be stopped on Ocotillo Road before and after school. Please review the new traffic flow process to get as many vehicles off the road as possible.


Changes will go into effect on Monday, November 30th.


Upon entering campus, once you pass the left turn into the parking lot, there will be cones prompting the traffic to split into two lanes. As you approach the crosswalk area, there will again be cones prompting you to merge back into one lane. Please take turns allowing cars to split and merge at the appropriate points. 


Please do not arrive too early. Dismissal process starts at 3:00 PM.

Please carpool or use the bus when possible.


While in the car line, please remember to pull forward closely to the car in front of you to allow more cars to pull off the road.


Please keep your name sign visible at all times