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Club Has Started (08/05/2020)

Club during COVID-19  Students and staff may look up the words using AR Book Finder and add them to a spreadsheet found on this webpage and #wjhsreads room in Google Classroom.  The club will continue even if schools close, however, what it will look like would evolve over time.

There is a review form in google classroom when you sign in the account.  Keep track of your own words...send me a copy of your progress through the account.

I will continue to have give-aways for benchmarks word counts...just to celebrate.  Some of the prizes are on order, so you'll have to be patient.  Once you submit your membership form, I'll mail you your membership card (we have new ones this year).  

I will also be having a meeting on August 19.  I'll make the link in #wjhsreads live.  Those who are interested in attending but aren't in the room yet can enter the class code z7tu7co

Once we decide the meeting schedule, I'll always make that link live for them.  The district says that is the safest way to hold a meets.  The meetings will usually take place during office hours 3:30-4:15.  If this is not working, I'll change the time.

Bethany Celmins