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State Spring Testing Update

Chandler Unified School District has taken the opportunity to utilize the Menu of Assessment option at the high school level. We are grateful to the Arizona state legislature for the opportunity to eliminate seven testing days over the course of a child’s high school career and focus that time on learning in the classroom. This means we will no longer administer AzMERIT or AIMS Science for 9th through 12th grade students.

In place of AzMERIT and AIMS Science, CUSD will administer the ACT to all 11th grade students throughout the district. The ACT has been administered to juniors over the last several years within our district in an effort to increase post-secondary enrollment after graduation. This year the exam will serve in that capacity as well as satisfying the state-mandated testing requirement. The students will be assessed in English, Reading, Mathematics and Science.

If you are looking for opportunities for your child to study for the ACT, please visit ACT Academy for personalized instruction and practice assessments.