Volunteer Opportunity

Are you an Intel employee or know someone who is?

Intel’s matching grant programs add up to big benefits for our school!

+ After a minimum of 20 hours volunteered by Intel employees at our school, Intel will match with a $10/hour grant to our school.

-        Eligible volunteer activities include in-classroom and after-school help, coaching, chaperoning field trips, parent organizations, facility maintenance and more!

-        Our school can earn up to $15,000 a year.

+ Intel will also match eligible donations made to our school by Intel employees.

-        Intel employees should visit GoTo/GetMatched from a work browser to either make a donation to the school or submit a receipt for a donation made directly to the school.

Help maximize our school’s earnings!

Ø  Spread the word to parents who work at Intel

Ø  Remind Intel volunteers to report their hours and financial contributions

Ø  Request Intel employees to volunteer in our school