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Student Council

2016-2017 Student Council Election Results:

President:                     KC Underhill
Vice President:            Lily Rosabal
Secretary:                    Vacant due to graduating early
Treasurer:                     Vacant due to graduating early

Publicity Manager:     Sami Borges-Eckert
Spirit Commissioner:   Madison Underhill
Historian:                      Madison Underhill

 Mission Statement
We the members of the Student Government of Chandler Early College, hoping to efficiently manage the affairs of our school in a spirit of fraternity, acknowledge the following:
            *  We realize that it is only through total cooperation that we can best benefit the individual and our community.
            *  The privileges with which we are invested are granted us by the community of this high school.
            *  That the use of power and privileges can only be used toward the betterment and general good
                    of this high school.
            *  That the policies and programs of this student government should never contradict the rights of the individual. 
 We do, therefore, in order to promote a spirit of fellowship between students and staff, insure the moral conduct, emphasize excellence and scholarly achievement, encourage activities in the best interest of this school in order to send forth good citizens according to a positive high school experience, do hereby establish this Constitution of the Student Government of Chandler Early College.