Summer School


Summer Session 1 (June 1 - 19)

Session 2 (June 22 - July 10)


Online Only through Chandler Online Academy

(No in person summer school during 2020)

If you are interested in signing up your child for summer school, please use the link provided. All students who were planning to take in person summer school will need to use the link to request to take online summer school. Students can take up to 2.0 credits (4 semester classes) over 2 sessions. Students can only take 1.0 credits (2 semester classes) per session, and students are recommended to  split sessions if they are doing a full year course. 


Already paid for summer school? A refund will automatically be requested for you, BUT you still need to follow the link below to have your counselor re-enroll you in the courses you want to take.


Click here for CUSD’s  free summer school:


Be sure to choose Perry and indicate the correct counselor!