Social Media Awareness

Dear CUSD parents,


We are writing to make you aware of the latest social media trend that is very concerning. Students are being encouraged to commit crimes against staff and vandalism of school property through a challenge on Tik Tok called Devious Licks. CUSD schools experienced backlash in September from a dare to damage restrooms and record and post the events on the Tik Tok platform and other outlets. Students who participated faced school discipline and consequences from law enforcement.


There are monthly challenges going forward. This is an issue that school districts across the country are facing and sadly Chandler Unified is not immune. These challenges are not pranks, they involve breaking the law. Please talk with your child about being socially responsible and kind. Also, if they have any information that could help prevent a future incident, please alert a school staff member. We ask you to reinforce our message that there are consequences for these actions, including suspension or expulsion from school as ramifications from Chandler and Gilbert Police and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.


Here is a link to a resource you may find helpful to monitor your child’s social media activity:


The following link is a social media FAQ for parents provided by Common Sense Media


Working together will help ensure the safety of our schools and our community.