Parking at Willis

Student Pick-Up and Drop Off 


As you are likely to experience, our parking lot at Willis is not large enough to accommodate the amount of traffic we experience during drop-off and pick-up times. In addition to managing our own lot, we must be mindful of limiting traffic back-up on McQueen Road -- this can be very challenging. In the interest of your convenience, and student safety, I would like to make you aware of a few alternatives to using our front parking lot (especially for after school student pick-up).


  • Delay your pick-up time by approximately 10 minutes. Our front parking lot is typically cleared-out by 4:10, or 4:15 pm.
  • When dropping your student off -- please pull as far forward along the curb as possible (do not stop at the front gate). If you are goint to wait with your student, please use a parking space.
  • Parents may park in the Monterey Point II neighborhood, directly West of Willis. Students may then cross McQueen (with the assistance of our crossing guard) and meet their parents in the neighborhood. Please do not park in the entrance to the neighborhood, but pull into one of the side streets.
  • Parents may park along Frye road directly North of Willis. Students may exit on the North side of our campus and cross the baseball/softball fields. There is a gate near the softball fields where students may exit campus onto the sidewalk along Frye Road. This area typically has very little congestion.
  • There is also have a very small parking lot, south of campus, that may be used for student drop-off and pick-up.


You are certainly not obligated to use these alternative methods, but your consideration would help us diminish the congestion in our front parking lot. Regardless of the pick-up area you use, please be patient, and extremely cautious (watch carefully for students) in order to keep all of our kids safe.