Questions about uniforms

Please see below for Frye's uniform policy:

Frye Uniform Policy

Monday - Thursday:

Tops – must be red, white, or navy blue and solid color  (Can be short or long sleeve, must have a collar), Shirts must be tucked.

             May wear long sleeve under short sleeve shirt – under shirt must be red, blue,
             white or black

 Jackets- Outside, jacket can be any color
              Inside – Jacket/sweater must be solid red or blue

Frye sweatshirt is also acceptable

Bottoms: - Must be navy blue or khaki and solid in color 
                  (No jean material)
                  Shorts, skirts, or pants
Tops – Any FRYE shirt or Red solid shirt
Bottoms - Must be navy blue or khaki and solid color 
                  No jean material 
                   Shorts, skirts, or pants
**Tights or leggings may be worn under skirts/shorts-must be red, navy blue, black or white**