Yearbook Cover Contest


The 2018-2019 Yearbook Cover Contest is under way. Click the link above to download the flier. 

Due Date: Turn in to your teacher no later than Nov. 16th


Cover Submission Requirements

  1. The paper MUST be 8 1/2” x 11”.
  2. The paper MUST be plain white paper.
  3. Your design MUST be in portrait. (short side on top)
  4. Your design should be bright and colorful. (colored pencil preferred for best result)
  5. Neatness and spelling are VERY important. (errors, including spelling, may result in a disqualification).
  6. If you erase pencil marks, be sure they are erased completely.
  7. The design MUST include: Ryan Elementary and 2018-19
  8. Your design MUST include Royal, the Mascot, and a theme based on the phrase “Reach for the Stars.” Other school appropriate things are OK.
  9. Your name and your teacher’s name MUST be on the back.


Choosing the Cover

The yearbook cover contest will be organized into grade level groups: Kinder through 2nd, 3rd & 4th, and 5th & 6th.

- From each grade level group, five covers will be selected by a committee of teachers and administrators for students to vote on.

- Students will only vote on the covers from their grade level group.

- After students have voted, the cover with the most votes from each group becomes part of the finalist selection

- The committee will choose an overall cover winner from the finalists.

- The cover winner will be announced at the Pride Assemblies in December 2018.

- Finalists will be featured in a special section of the yearbook.  The others who were selected to be voted on will be featured on the back cover.  All other submissions will be scattered throughout the yearbook as a scavenger hunt., 108.5 KB; (Last Modified on October 23, 2018)