Willis Family

Posted by Michelle Whitmire on 12/20/2018

Willis Family - 2nd Grade

We are the Willis family: Justus, Maxine, Valerie, Ryan, and Parker. We have been a CTA Liberty family for 12 years. Valerie, aka Mrs. Willis, has been a third grade teacher since 2007 but has also has taught kindergarten, and most recently second grade at Liberty. All three of the children have been students at Liberty and not just because their mom teaches there. The teachers, rigor, and high expectations cannot be matched anywhere else!

Justus started at Liberty when he was in fourth grade. He went on to attend ACP-Oakland, and then honors’ classes at Perry high. Parker is an 8th grader at San Tan Jr. high and is also an honor’s student. Maxine is in Mrs. Hartwig’s first grade class, and she is THRIVING. As parents, we feel the foundational skills learned at Liberty has and will continue to, set the tone for everything afterward. While the assignments and homework may be lengthy at times, it has taught our children, time-management, responsibility, and to produce their personal best. When these qualities become the expectation, it becomes automatic and therefore easier in high school and beyond. We are so grateful to be part of CTA Liberty!