Kinder Team

Posted by Mary Rinne on 5/10/2018

Kinder Team: Mrs. Smool, Mrs. Butters, Mrs. Jauregui, Mrs. Hull, Miss Freeman, and Mrs. Wilson Whatever the cause, activity, celebration, or event, the kinder team is always involved and united together. We love hosting donuts with dad and muffins with mom each year. The kids get so excited to sing songs and prepare special crafts they make for their moms, dads, and/or family members, as well as enjoying a yummy donut and muffin too. Other events we make memorable for the kids are celebrating the 100th day of school and Dr. Seuss' birthday. The kids love our 100- day museum, showcasing their 100- piece collection or project and making a number line outside at the park. You know it's Dr. Seuss' birthday when the kids come dressed for school in their pj's and slippers. On this special day, we involve our families to come into the classrooms throughout the day, to read a special Dr. Seuss book for the kids to enjoy. Our end of the year celebration ceremony brings excitement for us and all our hardworking students, yet sadness since it is our time to say goodbye. Each kindergarten teacher writes a personalized certificate for each student to receive and makes a classroom slideshow and memory book for each student to keep. We invite family members to share in their child's celebration and thank them for all the support they provide to their child and to us as their teachers. We are always planning and communicating to help deliver the most effective and efficient learning in our classrooms. Our collaboration makes us not only a strong team, but helps every child be successful and work to their fullest potential. "Whatever you need to know, you learned in Kindergarten."