9/11/18 - Basha v. Corona del Sol

Final Freshman Match Results: Corona del Sol 8, Basha 1

Coach Johnson's Match Commentary: Your young Bears again faced an experienced and talented team, this time the Aztecs. Our team played tough, competing in long rallies and close games on every court. Despite the loss, we are proud of our team's effort and progress.

Star of the Match: #3 Martina Doud had a great match, teaming with #4 Alexis Lu for an 8-5 win in doubles, then playing well in a 3-8 loss in singles. 

Freshman Singles Match Results

1. Taylor Wasson (CdS) defeated Avounay Rossi (BHS), 8-1

2. Milana Strong (CdS) defeated Jadyn Ocampo (BHS), 8-0

3. Lauren Sprowls (CdS) defeated Martina Doud (BHS), 8-3

4. Frida Flores (CdS) defeated Alexis Lu (BHS), 8-0

5. Olivia Koehler (CdS) defeated Greer Fulmer (BHS), 8-0

6. Libby Carstens (CdS) defeated Alyssa Spurlock (BHS), 8-0


Freshman Doubles Match Results

1. Wasson / Strong (CdS) defeated Rossi / Ocampo (BHS), 8-0

2. Doud / Lu (CdS) defeated Sprowls / Koehler (CdS), 8-5

3. Flores / Carstens (CdS) defeated Fulmer / Spurlock (BHS), 8-0