9/26/18 - Basha @ Notre Dame

Final Freshman Match Results: Notre Dame 9, Basha 0

Coach Johnson's Match Commentary: This season, as with all Freshman seasons, isn't about wins and losses - it's about growth. Your Bears grew a lot in today's match, competing against an experienced Saints team and winning games in almost every match.

Star of the Match: #6 Alyssa Spurlock played her best match yet, winning 2 games each in singles and doubles. #BuildingBasha


Freshman Singles Match Results

1. Gabby R. (ND) defeated Avounay Rossi (BHS), 8-1

2. Maddy H. (ND) defeated Martina Doud (BHS), 8-1

3. Gemma T. (ND) defeated Jadyn Ocampo (BHS), 8-0

4. Alessia R. (ND) defeated Alexis Lu (BHS), 8-1

5. Izzie A. (ND) defeated Greer Fulmer (BHS), 8-1

6. Hailey B. (ND) defeated Alyssa Spurlock (BHS), 8-2


Freshman Doubles Match Results

1. Gabby R. / Maddy H. (ND) defeated Rossi / Doud (BHS), 8-3

2. Gemma T. / Alessia R. (ND) defeated Ocampo / Lu (BHS), 8-1

3. Izzie A. / Hailey B. (ND) defeated Fulmer / Spurlock (BHS), 8-2