10/18/18 - Basha v. Casteel

Final Freshman Match Results: Casteel 9, Basha 0

Coach Johnson's Match Commentary: The Colts are an impressive, experienced team. Their top 5 players have all been taking lessons for years. Interestingly, 3 of those 5 are younger sisters of Basha Tennis alumni. Your young Bears played with heart, getting ‪into long rallies on every court. 

Basha Stars of the Match: #1 Martina Doud and #2 Jadyn Ocampo each won 3 games against experienced opponents. #BuildingBasha


Freshman Singles Match Results

1. Dany (CHS) defeated Martina Doud (BHS), 8-2

2. Meg Cole (CHS) defeated Jadyn Ocampo (BHS), 8-2

3. Claire Caldwell (CHS) defeated Alexis Lu (BHS), 8-0

4. Leah (CHS) defeated Greer Fulmer (BHS), 8-1

5. Sydney Stevenson (CHS) defeated Alyssa Spurlock (BHS), 8-0

6. Valaria (CHS) won by forfeit


Freshman Doubles Match Results

1. Dany / Caldwell (CHS) defeated Dould / Ocampo (BHS), 8-1

2. Cole / Valaria (CHS) defeated Lu / Fulmer (BHS), 8-1

3. Leah / Valaria (CHS) won by forfeit