This Kid Can Fly 921

This Kid Can Fly

by Aaron Philip ; with Tonya Bolden Year Published: 2016 Memoir, 921 PHI

After a seriously premature birth left Philip with cerebral palsy severe enough to affect his motor skills, his family invested not only money but energy and love to provide the best treatment and education available. Born in Antigua and Barbuda, Philip moved to New York City as a toddler, where he now attends high school in between maintaining a popular Tumblr, Aaronverse. Intelligent, creative, and high spirited, Philip has stepped up to both physical and economic challenges, and as his genial, conversational memoir reveals, he's gone well beyond just mainstreaming. He writes not just of therapies and physical challenges but provides insightful observations about how his economic class and immigrant status affect his experience. In outlining his needs as a physically challenged kid, particularly the everyday obstacles most kids take for granted, he offers readers an opportunity to cultivate understanding and empathy. Similar to Shane Burcaw's Laughing at My Nightmare (2014), for slightly older readers, this inspiring glimpse into the life of a real kid goes beyond disability to celebrate his remarkable ability. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.