Site Council Meeting 10.21.19

October 21, 2019 Site Council Minutes

Discussion topics: 

  • KGA AZMerit Ranking
  • California Association for Gifted presenters by KGA staff (Davis, Dalton, Barracat, Nusbaum, Weed)
  • Cardboard Challenge Highlights (Students’ works on display at local museums: Chandler (6th grade); Basha (4th)
  • Weinberg Gifted Academy - no new updates, reminder to fill out Open Enrollment for new students and returning students 

Safety concerns - review

Update on financials from Lynn

Parent Survey 2019-20 to be sent out in January-may include questions about families intention when considering returning to KGA 

  • Do you have plans to leave KGA?
  • Reasons for leaving KGA (transportation, location, different model)
  • Reasons for staying at KGA (transportation, location, model)