Updates 8/17

Good Morning Pumas! 


I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for our second full week of school! With that being said, I have a few updates for this next week. 


Live Meetings:  The past week live meetings have been the last 15 minutes of class and were optional. Starting this week, the Google Meets link will be active THE FIRST HOUR of every class period. During this time students can join the Meet to go over the assignments, ask questions, review grades, and resolve technical difficulties. This will be the fastest way to reach me and get answers to questions. There will still be meetings during the last 15-20 minutes of class where I will review the material from the lesson with everyone. They will be mostly required unless said otherwise.


Late Work: Because we were still working out the kinks last week, I did not take any points off for late work. This week the late policy will be enforced, any assignments that are turned in after the start of the class period will have point deductions of 10% the same day, 20% the second day, 50% the third day, and 100% the fourth day. If there is a technical or personal reason that a student can not turn in an assignment on time, they need to let me know before it is due in order to waive the point deduction.


Warm Ups: At the beginning of every class students need to complete their warm up for attendance. The warm up is due at the end of each class period. In addition, students will receive points for completing the warm up questions. The warm up grades will be combined and entered every 2 weeks. 


Grades: Grades are up to date and in Infinite Campus.


Remind: I created a Remind for quick and easy communication. Both parents and students can sign up using the correct class period code below. I will be sending out reminders and announcements through this platform. 


Period 2: @myersis2

Period 3: @myersis3

Period 4: @myersis4

Period 5: @myersis5

Period 6: @myersis6


Submitting work: As a reminder to students, please do not share or email your assignments to me. All classwork should be submitted through Google Classroom. ALSO if a student is submitting a picture of handwritten work- make sure that the picture is not fuzzy or distorted and all the information can be clearly read. 


Parents, I really appreciate all the help, support, and flexibility that you have given to your students, school, and teachers. We could not do it without you. 


Students, Congratulations!! You made it through your first full week of virtual learning and you crushed it! On to the next :)


As always,  please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. You can reach me by email at myers.lilyann@cusd80.com or by phone at (480)224-2987.