Ready to Grow

Posted by Diane Hale on 7/23/2017

I have always loved the First Day of school. In every role I have ever had in schools, I always feel that "something special" about the First Day. The First Day is ripe with possibilities and promise. On the First Day we embrace a fresh start, and embark on a journey that we know will change us forever. It’s a commitment we make as students, as teachers, as parents, and as administrators.


There’s a looming question that asks students, “Are you ready to grow?” and the First Day of school is how they answer, YES! 


The commitment from parents is an incredible gesture of trust. Parents entrust their school to be part of their child’s journey in life, to keep them safe, and to shape who they will become. 


Teachers commit to the immense responsibility of caring, nurturing, and teaching someone else’s child as if he or she were their own. 


As a school administrator I think about my commitment to not only the families we serve, but to the institution that is public school. I vow to make a place not only for learning, but for social and emotional growth, and a place where community means family. 


There is no turning back on this commitment we make on the First Day. Sure, there might be bumps in the road or detours along the path, but the journey itself changes us all forever. 


Happy First Day of school! I look forward to celebrating the commitment we have all made to each other on this important day.