• Post-Secondary Course Option

    Each student at Chandler Early College is monitored by our Counselor and Program Director, who will track the student's progress through a respective school year. CEC is a program designed to help students make the most of the opportunities of both high school and post-secondary opportunities. Although not all students see post-secondary options in their future, below is consideration for those on this path.
    • Early College Phase I (grades 9-12): In this stage the students will begin with a minimum of three (3) high school classes at CEC and will take the Accuplacer Test and/or have their High School Transcript reviewed for college course(s) placement.
    • Early College Phase II (grades 9-12): While still completing high school requirements, students will begin to consider their college classes to participate in concurrent credit opportunities that include the areas of Humanities, PE, Fine Arts. Students will also be encouraged to consider the College Success entry course CPD 150 as an introduction to the college class experience.
    • Early College Phase III (grades 11-12): Students can work with our CGCC Advisor Liaison to help identify a program of study (pathway) while continuing both high school and college courses. Students begin courses in higher level math courses and consider Eng 101/102.
    • Early College Phase IV (grade 11-12): During this final stage, students will be finishing their high school requirements while working to graduate and determine their transition to post-secondary opportunities.

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