• Transportation

    Chandler Early College students have the opportunity to utilize the CUSD Transportation service. All pick-ups and drop-offs take place at each Homeschool location. Students are able to ride the bus from their homeschool to CEC, arriving before first period at 7:30am. Students have two different times for drop-off back to their homeschool with at pick-up at CEC at either 12:15pm and/or 3:10pm. This allows time to work with teachers and/or stay to complete homework or online classes as needed.

    Students must provide their own transportation to and from CEC when attending a CGCC course after 3:00pm. As we are located on the CGCC campus, if a student is enrolled in college coursework, they are able to walk to their respective classes after their High School day ends. Our Counselor and Administrator work to schedule courses that provide a chance to have all high school and concurrent courses taken while on site as best as possible.

    If a student is enrolled with CEC full time and chooses to attend the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT), a bus is provided to and from EVIT for attendance in the morning or afternoon programs.

    Lastly, all CEC students are eligible to receive a Valley Metro bus pass, free of charge. This pass will only for travel to and from school on a weekly basis. These passes will be issued after meeting with the building Administrator for approval.