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Subject / Grade Junior High/High School Math
Room: 204
Phone: (480) 812-7150
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"We are bursting through the barricades, reaching for the sun (we are warriors), that’s what we have become! I won't let them break me down to dust I know that there's a place for us, for we are glorious."
-- Songwriters Justin Paul/Benj

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Welcome to Chief Hill Learning Academy. In my 20 years of teaching I have rarely seen teachers continually show their dedication to student learning and student growth. But here at Hill Academy teachers are champions for their students. I am excited to have the honor of being your teacher.

My Education and Professional Background

I was born in Oregon and I have lived in Oregon, California, Mexico City, Minnesota, and Arizona. This is my 21st year teaching and my 2nd year here at Hill Academy. I earned my degree at Minnesota State University and I am licensed to teach K-12 Special Education and General education mathematics for grades 7-12. I taught Special Education English, Work skills, and Math for 16 years and I have spent the last 4 years teaching Jr High High School math.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that ALL students, not only deserve to be educated but that our students can learn at high levels when given the opportunity and find a passion for education. My job is to teach students the math skills they will need but my passion is to guide students to overcome the hardships in their lives and become "warriors" that know they will succeed.

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