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Position: 9-12 English
Room: 202
Phone: (480) 812-7182
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Welcome to Mrs. Porras' English class! The course is designed to develop language, literature, and analysis skills. Students will study all aspects of literature and writing including World and American Literature. Students will analyze the writing of various authors; write in a variety of genres, and explore works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama with a development of critical thinking, and writing for the argumentative/persuasive, research, and narrative genres through exposure to

My Education and Professional Background

I am and Arizona native and huge baseball fan. I graduated from Arizona State University where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Business Education and received my Masters in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University. I have spent much of my teaching career teaching 7th -12th grade in various subject such as History, Computer Literacy, and English. I began teaching at Chief Hill Learning Academy during the 2012-13 school year. Prior to moving to Chandler, I taught for 16 years in Phoenix. I am currently teaching high school English at Hill Learning Academy.

My Educational Philosophy

I enjoy being a facilitator of learning for students and work hard to assist them in preparing for their future successes. I have spent most of my career teaching in the middle and high school classroom and enjoy the opportunity to work with teenagers and help develop their future skills for success.

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