WGA Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Weinberg Gifted Academy (WGA)?

    WGA is the newest CUSD option for gifted elementary students. Like Knox Gifted Academy (KGA), WGA is a self-contained academy for students who are eligible to receive gifted services based on district criteria. As with all teachers of gifted students in CUSD, teachers at WGA must have, or be working toward, a Gifted PreK-12 endorsement. WGA will continue the gifted academy approach by offering rigorous, accelerated coursework in a 21st-century framework, focusing on social-emotional development, rigorous research-based curricula, and authentic problem-based learning opportunities.


    How do I enroll my child in WGA?

    WGA is enrolling now for the 2020-2021 school year. Enrollment directions can be found here, at the CUSD Gifted page. Applications are reviewed once the Gifted office has received Gifted Test scores AND an open-enrollment form has been submitted, with final approval from the principal.



    What are WGA’s school hours?



    What about transportation?

    Visit the Transportation overview to better understand depot bussing to WGA. As a general rule, Gilbert Road is the dividing line that will decide transportation options to WGA students.


    How many students will Weinberg Gifted Academy serve?

    In the 2020-2021 school year, WGA will serve approximately 250 gifted students in grades K-5 while we renovate and complete construction projects. Ultimately, we will serve up to 600 K-6 gifted students.


    How will Weinberg Gifted Academy (WGA) be different from other gifted options in CUSD?

    The mission of all gifted options in CUSD is to foster excellence and develop talent among our gifted students by providing a comprehensive curriculum and a dedicated staff to meet their academic, social, and emotional needs. The two academies (KGA and WGA) will work in tandem to continue to provide superior academic opportunities to hundreds of gifted K-6 students, with some differences in instructional models. At WGA, three explicitly-designed collaborative spaces called “hubs” will provide students and teachers with unique opportunities to engage with mixed media arts, robotics and technology, and science. With the help of students, parents, staff, administration and the community, a WGA steering committee will start to define WGA’s short-term and long-term goals, strategies, and metrics.


    Who are the WGA staff?

    The WGA staff will include classroom teachers with or in pursuit of their PreK-12 Gifted Endorsement and a student support team that includes a Dean, Psychologist, Counselor, Para support, and Health Assistant. As positions fill, the WGA website will be the best place to learn more about each staff member.



    What is WGA’s curriculum?

    Like all gifted students in CUSD, students at WGA will receive instruction accelerated by at least one year in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics according to state standards. Research-based, vetted curriculum materials at WGA includes Engineering is Elementary, Eureka Math and Glencoe Math, Junior Great Books, integrated Social Science units, and Connected Wisdom.


    What technology will WGA students have access to?

    WGA will be a 1:1 device to student school. Students will have appropriate access to both Microsoft 365 and G Suite for Education applications. Additionally, students at WGA will have opportunities to engage with coding and creating tools including Ozobots, Sphero, Raspberry Pi, Microbits, and Circuit Playground.


    What social/emotional support will WGA offer?

    We recognize that exceptional and twice-exceptional learners deserve a support system that endeavors to understand their unique asynchronous development and social/emotional needs. In addition to ongoing professional development related to research-based practices to support the social/emotional needs of gifted learners, WGA will use the district-adopted Caring School Community SECL curriculum.


    What extracurricular opportunities will WGA offer?

    We believe before- and after-school experiences are a vital part of building a community and tapping into the interests of our students and staff at WGA. As we form a cadre of teachers and support staff, one of our earliest focuses will be to plan enrichment opportunities for our students. Additionally, CUSD’s office of Community Education will offer before- and after-school childcare (Kids Express) and clubs.


    How can I get involved and stay connected?

    Contact us! You can reach Principal Nusbaum at nusbaum.jennifer@cusd80.com or April Dailey, Gifted Specialist at dailey.april@cusd80.com. Also, be sure to follow us on Social Media for updates, celebrations, and announcements: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. We will be looking for parent volunteers soon to help with PTO, Site Council, Art Masterpiece, and much more.