About Moe...
Position: Director of Elementary Connect @ Chandler Online Academy
Room: Chandler Online Academy- Elementary Connect
Phone: 480-812-6360
Email: Moe

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Welcome to the nest, Hornets! Our commitment to student success and engagement is the core focus of everything our program offers. Elementary Connect is one of the top online programs in the state, and we are proud to provide an exemplary instructional model with both synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for our students throughout the day, including live specials, success mentoring, and in-person hands-on opportunities.

My Education and Professional Background

Prior to implementing Elementary Connect, I was Chandler Unified School District's K-12 STEM Academic Coach. Before joining the CUSD team I spent 10 years in the elementary classroom and 2 years as the K-12 Science Coordinator in Gilbert Public Schools. Professional development, visioning, and community partnerships are all within the scope of my work and I look forward to using these skills to continue to grow and strengthen the Elementary Connect program and its community.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that a much needed change in the way that we educate students has presented itself and our response is creating opportunities to develop future ready skills. We have a duty as educators to provide a personalized and student-centered environment for our students, and a blended learning model, which we have here at Elementary Connect, meets and exceeds this need.

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