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Position: 5th Grade Teacher
Room: COA Elementary Connect
Phone: 480-283-5110
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Welcome to Elementary Connect where best teaching practices and technology are integrated daily to create educational experiences for students that are challenging, enriching and extend their academic abilities.

My Education and Professional Background

I have been a CUSD teacher for twenty six years with twenty five of them at Jacobson Elementary School. My five years in second, seventeen in fourth have definitely prepared me for making the jump to sixth grade these last four years. I am so excited to be remain a part of this newest CUSD adventure and remain online teaching 6th graders with a fabulous staff and team. My Bachelors Degree is from the University of Toledo in Ohio and my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction is from NAU.

My Educational Philosophy

Students grow to understand what it means to take care of their education, through the daily practice of being attentive to their learning. This requires taking risks, communicating well to others and learning from their mistakes to build self esteem and confidence in their new acquired skills and abilities over a course of time. It is not about what they do not know, but what they do not know "yet" and know success will come as they cope with their mistakes, try again, and sometimes fail. As a teacher I show and guide students through these challenges so that they want to continue to try as they put forth the effort, progress and attitude while working toward their goals. In doing this students succeed by their own pride and purpose because it matters to them. This is the attitude I want student to move forward with after spending their 6th grade year with me.

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