• Welcome to Chandler Online Academy-Elementary Connect

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  • Elementary Connect was created to meet the needs of our learners both academically and socially.  The intent of the program is to personalize education and provide a rigorous yet flexible school experience for our students. 



    Students will receive instruction in all content areas including:


    English Language Arts K-6

    Reading skills will be developed utilizing quality literature and various expository texts combined with phonic skills and the conventions of writing. A strong emphasis will be placed on listening and reading comprehension, passage structures, and metacognition. Students will work both synchronously and asynchronously, as they will have the ability to self-pace through portions of the materials, as well as receive direct instruction from their facilitator.

    Mathematics K-6

    The mathematics program utilized will include the mastery and practical application of basic mathematical principles. Students will use higher level thinking skills to solve conceptual problem solving applications and engage in routines to support fluency and automaticity of concepts. The program offered will allow students to practice skills through interactive activities, simulations, and digital manipulatives. Students will work asynchronously towards mastery of skills and practices, while also engaging with the facilitator in whole group, small group, and one-on-one online opportunities.

    Science K-6

    The science program will include the application of scientific principals in the areas of physics, chemistry, life science, and earth and space sciences. Students will be offered opportunities to practice like a scientist through hands-on learning activities; think like a scientist to help apply the learning towards real-world examples; write like a scientist in a science notebook; and talk like a scientist to enhance and discuss newly acquired skills. Virtual field trips and STEM careers will be highlighted as an additional application tool for science. Students will work through the material asynchronously but will have synchronous opportunities embedded throughout the program. Enrichment opportunities will be provided as ways for students to apply their learning to real world scenarios.

    Social Science K-6

    Social Science  will be addressed through a program that consists of the study of ancient history, American History, Arizona History, world history, and the foundational elements of the government. Geography will also be covered and may include the study of place, location, regions, relationships within places, and map skills appropriate to grade levels. Students will engage in a self-paced format with opportunities to engage with their classmates and teacher in synchronous environment when appropriate. Virtual field trips will be embedded within the experience, as well as career connections and real-world applications where applicable.

    Specials K-6

    Currently, we have live instruction in Music twice a week, PE twice a week, and Technology once a week.


    Special Education:

    A special education teacher will be co-teaching and/or supporting the general education teacher utilizing teaching strategies and  high-leverage practices which engage the learner in the virtual setting.  Students will have access to scientifically based curricular resources housed within Google Classroom for the provision of a student’s free and appropriate public education under the IDEA.