Behavior Plan
    One of our primary policies in third grade is to be respectful and responsible.  Students need to learn to take responsibility for their actions and mistakes.  Students also need to learn how to be respectful toward family, teachers, and especially other students.
    Classroom Rules & Expectations:
     1. Respect yourself, other students, teachers, and classroom furnishings.
     2. Have a positive attitude and be ready to learn.
     3. Complete and turn in all work on time.
     4. Follow directions the first time they are given.
     5. Observe all classroom routines, procedures, and rules.

    If You Choose to Break a Rule…

    The following procedures will be followed

     1. Receive a warning and recieve a Yellow for the day.  The infraction will be recorded on the "Character Card"

     2. Student will receive a Red for the day and record the infraction on the “Character Card." Students will be sent to the next study hall.

     3. If more than 2 infractions are recorded on the character card parents will be notified. A discipline plan and parent meeting may be required.

     -- Positive behaviors on “Character Card” (remain Green for the day)

     -- Daily praise

     -- Positive notes or calls home

     -- Group points

     -- Class marble jar

     -- The joy of learning every day!!
    Character Cards:
    Every week character cards will be used highlighting every student’s positive behaviors and infractions according to the six character traits.  Character Cards will be completed by the students themselves.  They will be sent home every night in the homework folder and returned every morning.  They need to be initialed each week.
Last Modified on August 19, 2013