• Welcome to Carlson Art Masterpiece!

    Art Masterpiece is a national art enrichment program that uses reproductions of fine works of art to promote art literacy in elementary school age children. The purpose is not to teach specific art/craft techniques, but rather to increase the child's awareness of art. Elements of art and principles of design are introduced in fun ways that the children can easily grasp. During a one hour Art Masterpiece session, students will learn about a carefully selected artist, their contribution to the art world; study a specific piece of artwork by that artist and then create their own artwork based on the principles they have learned.

    Why is art education important? Studies prove that art enhances a child’s overall education. Art encourages cognitive, analytical and creative thinking skills. It strengthens physical coordination, and develops self-discipline. As children increase their awareness of art, they are more able to recognize, interpret and value the art they encounter in their everyday world.