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Navarrete's 2016-2017 PTO Board
Fantasia Kludas
Elizabeth Charbonneau Co-VP Member Services
Deadra  Doolin
Co-VP Member Services
Whitney Cruz Co-VP Fundraising
Jen Schimmel Co-VP Fundraising
Silvia Hartman Secretary
Tabitha Dysart Treasurer
Welcome to Navarrete PTO! 
We are looking forward to a school year where Nighthawks are “Soaring to Success”!
Please let us know if you would like to help - we have lots of volunteer opportunities available throughout the year.  
Email us at: navarretepto@gmail.com,
Check us out on Navarrete PTO Facebook,
or the PTO website: http://navarretepto.weebly.com/ 
and you can also receive PTO updates by linking to Navarrete PTO through Remind 101.
Thank you!

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Last Modified on August 4, 2016