2019 Running Club Race Information

    Race Dates:

    January 24th, February 6th, and February 26th all at Tumbleweed park at 3:45 pm


    On race days all runners will need to:
    1. Wear your good running shoes.  
    2. Make sure you have transportation to and from each race.  Transportation IS NOT provided.
    3. Go straight from school to the race.  You do not have time to make ANY stops.  Races will start at 3:45.
    4. Wear your running club shirt or Navarrete colors for each race.
    5. HAVE YOUR RACE CARD ON YOUR SHIRT WHEN YOU GET TO THE PARK.  We WILL NOT be making race cards at the race this year.  If you do not have it on when you get the race you will not be allowed to run.  Please DO NOT wear your race cards at school.  
    6. Be a great representative of our school.  Please remember to display good sportsmanship and character at all times.  
    7. Do your best and have fun!  
    If you have any questions please contact Mr. Cocking (480 883-4815 or cocking.brian@cusd80.com).