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Position: 5th Grade
Room: D05
Phone: (480) 883-4800
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Hello, and welcome to fifth grade here at Navarrete Elementary. I look forward to the opportunity to play a part in your child's education this year. Please don't hesitate to call, e-mail, or swing by my class if ever you have a question for me.

My Education and Professional Background

Earned a Bachelor's degree at Purdue University for Education. Later I received a Masters from Northern Arizona University in Curriculum Design. I've been Teaching elementary school here in Arizona since 2001.

My Educational Philosophy

A philosophy on education was something easy to write while in college, back when I already knew everything there was to know about teaching. I realize now that education and any philosophy on how best to do so is a constantly changing entity, and not easy to define. Therefore the core of my thought process on teaching each day is that the student's needs are what comes first, and meeting those needs in the classroom is what my job is all about. I like to be approachable and foster respect that goes both ways. Once this is established students realize that I have a vested interest in their success, which naturally leads to greater accountability and effort in the classroom.

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Last Modified on October 23, 2020