• Dear Elite Performance Academy Community,


    I am honored to have been selected to serve as the new principal of Elite Performance Academy. I am so excited to join the EPA team and look forward to creating strong opportunities for our children. I am eager to start fostering and creating new relationships with the dance studios, gyms, etc. who already partner with our school community.


    I have thoroughly enjoyed my prior experiences as an elementary teacher with most of my teaching experience in the traditional model. I also have experience as a building administrator and an educational consultant. The 2021 – 2022 school year will mark my 25th year in education. In addition, I taught middle school, a variety of elementary grades, and even college math. Although I have always felt great rewards from my time in the classroom, it is the return to the role as an elementary principal where I am certain I will experience the most fulfillment in my life’s work.


    Leading Elite Performance Academy will provide me the opportunity to collaborate with teachers regularly, while also remaining connected to young students learning and growing in the classroom. I will also strive to make continual system and procedural improvements to maximize your student’s time in the classroom, so they are ready to give their all to the specialized field they love. I firmly believe that everyone has the capacity to learn and meet even the highest of expectations. The challenge is to build a nurturing an environment that allows all learners to make connections that are key for them. Operating with mutual respect and sharing of ideas creates a learning environment that allows everyone to thrive and succeed. Each of us has special gifts and talents, and by sharing these with each other we can collaborate for the best learning opportunities. I always have an open-door policy. Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time with questions, concerns or just to say hello. I am eager to build relationships with all staff, students and families and will always make myself very accessible.


    In addition to my role as an educator, I am a proud wife and mother. My husband, Adam, and I share three sons – Broderick (27), Trent (25) and Hunter (17).


    I am looking forward to meeting and learning from the Elite Performance Academy staff and families over the coming months as I gain insight into the core beliefs, values, and goals that are shared priorities for all. I am committed to always exploring new ways to meet the needs of all students and to effectively communicate with parents and community members. I will be meeting with parents, students, and staff throughout the coming months to identify specific goals in the areas of student achievement, school climate, growing our community and program, and parent communication.


    In closing, please know that I am here to help. I heartily welcome your conversation and positive input at any time. I look forward to celebrating our collective successes during the coming years.



    Jennifer Young