• AR information

    •  AR books should go back and forth between home and school every day. 
    •   When your child is ready to test, please send a signed passport that includes a quiz number. (Use AR Bookfind to find the quiz number)
    •    After your child takes a test, he/she should select a new book to practice from our classroom, school, library, or home.  
       AR book find is an internet site students can access from any computer. This site is used to search for quizzes, quiz numbers, create bookbags for a student's interest level,  as well as their reading level.  Please note that not all books listed on this site are available for check out in our media center. The public library is a great place to find a large selection of books. You can access it by clicking on the link above. 
      You can monitor your child's progress on AR simply by creating an account using the link above. By doing so, you can see what quizzes your child has taken, how many words and/or points your child has earned, and even request to be notified by email when your child quizzes here at school.  To create this account you will need to know your child's username and password (which he/she will know if they don't already). If your child cannot recall this information, please contact your child's teacher. 
       When your child has practiced and is ready for the quiz, please complete an AR Passport and return it to school. 
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