What is Art Masterpiece?

     Art Brush
    Why is art education important? Studies prove that art enhances a child’s overall education. Art encourages cognitive, analytical and creative thinking skills. It strengthens physical coordination, and develops self-discipline. As children increase their awareness of art, they are more able to recognize, interpret and value the art they encounter in their everyday world.
    Art Masterpiece is a successful volunteer based art enrichment and education program operating in the Chandler Unified School District. It is based solely upon volunteers, as there is currently no funding for art education in our schools.
    To rectify this, Art Masterpiece Navarrete Volunteers have stepped up to fill in this gap. Our Volunteers commit to a short training meeting at the beginning of the school year and guide only 6 lessons each school year. Each lesson is only 1 and a half hours (1 hour class plus 15 minutes each for set up and clean up). Each lesson has a "hands on" project to introduce master artists and their art work. No art skills are required, just the love of our children's education.
    The purpose is not to teach various art/craft techniques, but rather to increase the child’s awareness of art. We accomplish this by introducing the students to various elements of art and principles of design in fun ways the students can easily grasp.
    Supplies for the Art Masterpiece program are located in our Art Masterpiece room at school. Grade level tubs are located in the room and are filled with appropriate articles that coincide with the lesson being taught.
    Some of the items have been donated, but the majority has been purchased through funding from Navarrete PTO, your generous tax credit and cash donations. Please let one of your Coordinators know if you intend to donate.
    The beauty of this program is that you do not need to be an artist to teach the lessons (they are already prepared for you). You need to be willing to get up in front of the class and talk about the artist for that lesson. The kids are so creative and will come up with some wonderful works of art. Our Art Masterpiece program has had great success over the years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the volunteers that help to make this program run smoothly.
    We are always looking for new volunteers and appreciate our veteran volunteers. We feel it is important to make sure that each child is able to benefit from this program.
    If you are interested in helping out or joining in the fun, please contact Amy at navarreteartmasterpiece@gmail.com.
    Thank you!


Last Modified on September 1, 2017