• Homework  

    Weekly Spelling Homework
    All homework should be completed in cursive (unless indicated by teacher)
    Assignments will vary. 
    A Few Notes on Homework     
    Homework will be assigned Monday - Thursday of each week, except before a holiday.
    Daily homework will be due at the beginning of the school day.  
    Types of homework assignments may include:

             *weekly spelling
             *completing work started in class
             *math (drilling and practicing specific skills)
             *memorizing material to be recited in class
             *research for long-term projects
             *writing themes, short stories, or compositions
             *15 - 30 minutes of nightly reading with maintenance of the reading log for AR 
             *Studying for Social Studies, and/or Science Tests.                         
    The CTA will meet or exceed Chandler Unified School District's homework requirements: 
    * Grades 3 - 4   25 - 40 minutes per day

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