High Heat Days (Excessive Heat)

  • Due to the excessive heat that comes with the start of school in Chandler, the district has established a heat indicator rating scale that determines when indoor activity only is required. It is a combination of humidity and temperature and is monitored by the district and communicated out to the schools throughout the instructional day. 
    Once identified as a heat day (indoor activity only), classrooms will be expected to remain inside for any activity (recess, lunch recess, etc). Homeroom teachers have established heat day procedures for their classrooms providing opportunity for some free time in the classroom to replace what would be outdoor recess. During lunch time, students will be escorted to lunch and rather than dismissed to the outside playground, they will be escorted to an alternative classroom site where they can gather with their friends and play games, watch a short video, etc. Students will be supervised in the classroom by one of our duty teachers during this time until the homeroom teacher comes to pick them up.
    Should you have questions or concerns about the district and/or school policy regarding heat day guidelines, please feel free to contact the principal at 480-227-3800.