•  Spelling/Reading/Writing Curriculum
    Spalding is the basis for an integrated language arts program at the CTA schools. There are 3 curriculum components to Spalding: Spelling, Reading and Written Composition.
    • Spelling involves phonemic awareness, Phonograms with handwriting, development of high-frequency vocabulary and learning the rules and concepts of English.
    • Written Composition develops an understanding of sentence structures starting at the simplest and moving to the complex. Children learn to apply and use spelling and language rules. Using the writing process, children write stories, reports, essays and more.
    • Reading is an essential element in which the children learn literary appreciation, discuss the elements of literature, read quality literature, learn about the text structures and author’s purpose and, most importantly, learn to comprehend the different types of text they read.

    Click here to download a practice spelling test.

    Click here to download a weekly phonogram practice page.

    Visit this website to hear the precise pronounciation of each phonogram.
    * Here is a PDF that gives you the cues to use with several of the phonograms because they make the same sound as another.
    * Here is a Website that you can use to play each of the 70 phonogram sounds. This website also teaches the steps in letter formation.

    Accelerated Reader and Independent Reading
    AR is in place in our third grade class. Personal goals are developed with the children with consideration to their reading rate and level.

    At all of the CTA schools, independent reading at home and in school is a requirement. Students will use their reading chart to track their total books read each quarter and are graded on their progress toward meeting the requirement. Independent reading becomes a part of their overall Reading grade.

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