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Position: 5th
Room: B10
Phone: (480) 424-8540
Email: Garibay

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Hello! My name is Mrs. Garibay and I am excited to be a fifth grade teacher at Rice Elementary. I am originally from California and moved here in 2000. I am happily married with four amazing children. I enjoy spending time with my family and we love to explore new places. I am here to teach and support your child as well as develop a partnership with you to meet your values and expectations. Together we can accomplish great things!

My Education and Professional Background

I have a Bachelors in Elementary Education with a concentration in Science from Northern Arizona University. My professional background includes working in healthcare and customer service. I have always valued education and after having my own family decided that I would take my passion of learning and teach others.

My Educational Philosophy

As a mother of four children, I understand what it means to want the best for our children. I take this concept and apply it to teaching. I recognize that we are all individuals and learn in many different ways. I believe to be a great educator, one must first have a self-awareness of their learning capacity as well as others and the ability to present formal instruction that is both meaningful and engaging. I want every student to know they are valued and feel welcome when they are in my classroom. To create a productive society, I believe we must all work together and empower our youth with the passion to learn and desire to make positive changes in our world. I will guide students through their academic journey to become adept problem solvers and flexible thinkers by providing cooperative learning opportunities.

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