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Position: 3rd
Room: C19
Phone: (480) 424-8569
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Kids are creative, thoughtful, silly, contemplative, shy, hard-working, and sponges that soak up learning everywhere they go and in everything they do. I'm excited to be a small part of their learning. My goal is to make learning fun using creative activities and integrating technology AND to teach manners, respect, and encourage kindness.

My Education and Professional Background

I graduated many years ago with a BS in Psychology from the University of Utah because once upon a time I wanted to be a Psychologist. But like all good fairy tales, I found a more enticing path and fell into and in love with teaching. We moved across the country and I pursued a BA degree in Education. I worked as a classroom teacher, then a reading interventionist while getting my Masters in Reading & Literacy. We came to Arizona to escape tornadoes and ice storms and have loved living here. It feels so good to finally put down roots in such a wonderful school as Rice!

My Educational Philosophy

My philosophy of education is simple: kids learn what they like, kids practice when motivated, kids perform when rewarded, and kids gain confidence through careful mentoring and thoughtful encouragement.

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