• Spalding Support 

      It will be beneficial for parents to research the Spalding Program by visiting http://www.spalding.org/

      Spalding is the basis for an integrated language arts program at the CTA schools. Spalding is a method or style of teaching that allows the teacher to observe the students, plan appropriate instruction and adjust instruction to meet student needs. Spalding uses direct, sequential, and multi-sensory instruction.  Active participation of the students is an important component of the program.


      There are 3 curriculum components to Spalding:  Spelling, Reading and Written Composition.  The Spalding philosophy is child-centered with high expectations for quality work.  There is a purpose and a meaning for every lesson and the children are encouraged to develop higher-level thinking skills as they learn to spell, read and write.


      Spelling involves phonemic awareness, Phonograms with specific handwriting instruction, development of high-frequency vocabulary and learning the rules and concepts of English.


      Written Composition develops an understanding of sentence structures starting at the simplest and moving to the complex.  Children learn to apply and use spelling and language rules. Using the writing process, children begin with writing simple sentences and progress on to stories, reports, essays and more.


      Reading is an essential element in which the children learn literary appreciation, discuss the elements of literature, read quality literature, learn about the text structures and author’s purpose and, most importantly, learn to comprehend the different types of text they read.

      Spalding is dedicated to improving literacy for children by increasing student achievement. Parental involvement is a key component in the success of children in school. Spalding offers a variety of ways for parents to become involved.

      If you are a Parent with a Child in a Spalding School who wants to be able to help your child at home, we recommend...
      The Writing Road to Reading
      Individual Phonogram Cards
      Phonogram sounds CD

      Click on the Spalding website and browse the store for the above materials. You will only need a single set of phonograms, as one set comes with all 70 cards that we will be studying in class.

      In The Writing Road to Reading, all elements of language are integrated in spelling, writing, and reading lessons.

      • Phonemic awareness
      • Systematic phonics
      • High-frequency vocabulary
      • Word meanings and usages
      • Word parts
      • Grammar
      • Composition
      • Literary appreciation
      • Text structure
      • Fluency
      • Listening
      • Reading comprehension

      There is an app you can purchase for your phone or device that gives spoken forms of all phonograms. Phonograms are broken down into sections that are manageable and have review and practice as well as differentiated practice that can be manipulated to concentrate on specific phonograms. It is a very helpful tool to use with your student or for your student to practice independently.  

      The following link is helpful in mastery of phonogram sounds and letter formation http://www.phonogrampage.com/