Mrs. Franzen's Third Grade Supply List
    *All supplies are optional, but students will greatly benefit from having these.  
    This list is specific to my class only.
    My Third Grade students will need:
    1. Standard size pencil box filled with...
         -student scissors 
         -box of crayons
         -white or pink eraser
         -small sock (used as dry erase board eraser)
         -12 count Crayola Colored Pencils
         -1 highlighter
         -2 glue sticks
    2.  Pack of Multiplication Flash Cards 
    3.  ONE plastic folder with prongs  
    4.  ONE two-subject spiral notebook
    5.  Pack of wide ruled loose-leaf paper
    6.  Pack of black Expo dry erase markers
    7.  Pack of Ticonderoga pencils
    8.  Pair of earbuds or headphones
    9.  Personal pencil sharpener
    Other Classroom Community Donations:
          -Craft Items: paper plates, feathers, googley eyes, packs of wooden dowel rods (to make wands), pom poms
         -Colored card stock
         -Candy: any small individually wrapped candies and full-size candy bars 
         -Classroom Store Items: prizes, wrapped individual snacks (chips, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.)
         -Hand wipes, Baby wipes, Band-Aides, Kleenex, ziplock bags
    Thank you for any donations!  They are greatly appreciated!