• Discipline with Love HEART  Goldberg’s Philosophy and Practice

     All students:

    *need interesting opportunities to learn, and the time and space to express themselves.  

    *make mistakes as they assimilate and accommodate new knowledge.

    *need to be appreciated, understood, redirected, (sometimes endured),

       and always respected. 

    *need new opportunities to make better choices after mistakes. 

    *deserve an atmosphere in which they can identify their academic and social behaviors, reflect and grow. 

    * have a right to learn in an environment of mutual respect, appreciation and trust.  

    *should have clear directives, consistent, logical consequences and positive support.  

    *must commit to trying their best to identify, explore and redirect any negative behaviors, by expressing themselves appropriately.

    *must be willing to start every day anew.


    We work together as a class and grade level to make certain that we are co-creating a caring / loving, meaningful and safe environment. We celebrate victories by making creative choices about lessons (student constructed enrichment opportunities) and enjoying continued academic success.


    When disciplinary measures take place, they are logical and always based on site and district policy.


     Show Appreciation

    ü      No put downs

    ü      Express negative feelings appropriately

    ü      Respect personal space

    ü      Be kind or quiet


    ü      Follow directions

    ü      Question for understanding

    ü      Complete assignments

    ü      Contribute when called upon

    Attentive Listening

    ü      Keep focused on the subject

    ü      Restate directions / question when asked

    ü    Contribute appropriately

    Mutual Respect

    ü      Understand differences

    ü      Demonstrate tolerance

    ü      Treat others like you would like to be treated


    Positive Reward:

     * The intrinsic joy that is fostered as one understands expectations and can co-exist politely with others