• School-wide Expectations
     Instruction All Galveston community members have the responsibility to consistently and fairly promote high expectations by adhering to the following agreements:
    • Attentive listening:   Acknowledging the person who is speaking, paraphrasing, and paying attention not only to words, but also to feelings.
    • Appreciations/No Put-downs:   Exchanging statements of appreciation-positive regard and recognition, and avoiding put-down remarks
    • Mutual respect:   Respect for peers, newcomers, teachers, parents and other caring adults (no matter what their race, gender, age, color, or learning ability), personal property and individual privacy, and individual skills, talents, and contributions.
    • Right to pass:   As part of our democratic system, this means that each person has the right to choose the extent to which she or he will share in a group activity (to remain quiet and to be an observer for a short period of time).

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